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"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary."
- Jim Rohn


Writing a grant proposal is no small task. Whether you’re new to the grant writing process, are not winning as many grants as you’d like, or have too many grants to write in too little time, Resource Associates can help. We offer professional grant writing services for… Nonprofit Organizations, Education Agencies, Businesses, and Vendors

Our professional grant writing team will work closely with your organization and its stakeholders to fully understand your program objectives and needs. We take care of all the details of a grant proposal—planning the grant program design; development of the full narrative; development of the budget; and submission of the proposal—so your staff can focus their attention elsewhere.


We understand how important grant funding is to your organization. Resource Associates can help you meet or exceed your funding goals with our professional grant writing services. Many grants can be written at low or no cost. Contact us today to discuss your needs. Your consultation may be free.


Resource Associates’ grant writers have been awarded the majority of government and foundation grants available. Put their expertise to work for your organization! Making your vision a reality… one grant at a time


Grants from private foundations and government agencies are a major source of funding for most nonprofit organizations. Resource Associates works with hundreds of nonprofits across the country and around the world to help them achieve their funding goals. From applying for 501(c)(3) (nonprofit) status and writing grant proposals to training and program evaluation, the Resource Associates’ team is here to support all phases of capacity building. And is why Grants Etc! is one of the best and fastest growing, most highly sought after grant writing and grant management trainer in North Florida. Please contact our well qualified, experienced grant writers who will improve your chances of winning a grant.

Take a look at how we can help your organization:

  • Grant research – A custom report of the grant and funding opportunities that your organization is most qualified to win.

  • Strategic grant program design – If you’ve identified a grant, or several grants, you’d like to pursue, we can help you make sure you’re prepared to write the proposal. We’ll help you through the planning and preparation of designing your program and building partnerships.

  • Grant writing – Take advantage of our team of experienced grant writers. We’ll take care of all the details, from planning the grant program design and development of the full narrative and budget to submission of the proposal.

  • Partner coordination – Our partnership coordination team will do the time-consuming work of identifying and soliciting quality partners and securing documentation from new and existing partners.

  • Technical assistance – If you’re writing a grant proposal in-house, Resource Associates can still help. We’ll review your proposal to make sure it’s as comprehensive and compelling as possible.

  • Grant management – Once you’ve been awarded a grant, there are a whole new set of tasks and requirements that will need to be done. Rely on the expertise of our grant managers to  develop, implement, and monitor a project and fiscal management plan for the entire life of your grant (or grants).

  • Program sustainability assistance – Ensure the longevity of your program with a plan for long-term funding, beyond the term of a single grant. Resource Associates will help you identify funding opportunities and develop a plan to secure those funds.

  • Grant training – Personalized coaching and custom workshops to build your team’s internal capabilities.

  • Strategic planning – Whether you’re a brand new organization that needs to define its vision, mission, and initiatives or an organization in transition, we can help you develop a strategic plan that is aligned to funding opportunities that will help you achieve your short and long term goals.

For more information and free consultation to review your goals, challenges & needs, please contact us.

Helping improve opportunities for students, educators and communities.

From entitlement funds to federal grants like I3, 21st Century Learning Centers and Race to the Top, there are billions of dollars in grant funds available for education agencies. Resource Associates is dedicated to helping K-12 schools, districts, and colleges and universities find the funds they need to implement innovative programs, supplement tight budgets, expand learning opportunities, and ensure their students are prepared for future success.

Grant writing is a highly skilled and time consuming activity, but vital to educational institutions’ ability to serve their students. While there is an expense to hire a grant writer, an experienced grant writing firm like Resource Associates will quickly offset the expense in the funds they win for your institution. Often times, Resource Associates can write a grant for free so it’s always a good idea to call and explore your options with one of our consultants. It’s also important to consider that a qualified grant writer will:

  • Reduce the time your staff members spend distracted from their core teaching or administrative duties.

  • Increase staff’s time for strategic planning and other vital leadership activities.

  • Enhance the delivery of high quality, grant funded programs.

  • Eliminate last minute, piecemealed grant proposals and non-aligned programs.

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