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"Proper Planning Is The Key To Success"


Grants Etc! offers professional training programs throughout the U.S. that dramatically enhance performance in the areas of grant writing, grants management and grant maker research.


We focus on providing a learning experience that absolutely dazzles our clients - the kind of experience that gets people excited about the limitless possibilities of their work and imparts significant information in a way that's firmly retained, easily recalled and immediately applicable.  We accomplish this in a setting that's 100% professional and as inspiring as it is educational.


Grants Etc! has coached, trained, and consulted 100's of top-rank organizations and numerous individual achievers from every imaginable domain: leaders of government, philanthropists, academics, outstanding nonprofit managers, top performing staffers, everyday heroes.  Also because we learn as we teach, we have synthesized these champions' highest knowledge into one high-impact, fluff-free, fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.


Our message of business excellence is our trademark and is why Grants Etc! is one of the best and fastest growing, most highly sought after grant writing and grant management trainer in North Florida. Please contact our well qualified, experienced grant writers who will improve your chances of winning a grant.

Seeking the best solutions in the grant proposal writing business and nonprofit development process is our main goal.  Listed below is our primary scope of services that we provide:


Non-profit incorporation - many organizations find that it is much easier to pursue and acquire grant funding if they register as a non-profit organization. The process of incorporating as a non-profit organization and legalizing your organizational structure is a very time consuming and technical process.  We can assist you with this by completing your articles of incorporation at the state level, obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), developing the entire 501©3 federal application for tax-exempt status that includes bylaws, a conflict of interest policy and program model, as well as, filling out your state sales tax-exempt application as well as your state registration application.


Grant Research - After thoroughly discussing your organization’s funding needs and goals, we will research and search upcoming funding opportunities that align with these needs and goals. We will then develop a detailed grant search report for which you are eligible to apply. The grant search report will have a minimum of 10 funding possibilities and include the funding opportunity’s name, overview of purpose, range of awards and deadline date. We will only list the most appropriate funding opportunities that reduce time and effort on your behalf and helps us to better plan as we prepare to apply for grants.  In addition, this will place you on our grant alert system so that when new grants come out, we will alert you and provide you further consulting in making the decision to pursue the new funding opportunity or not FREE of CHARGE.  The entire grant research process will take up to three-four weeks to complete, at which time we will e-mail to you the grant search report and then meet with you to review the report in order to prioritize the funding opportunities, and finally establish a grant timeline for the year.


Grant Proposal Edits - We are able to perform comprehensive edits and in-depth technical review of your grant proposal prior to its submission or after it has been declined funding.


Grant Proposal Writing - These services include the planning of the grant program outline, development of the full grant proposal that will include the Project Abstract or Executive Summary, Statement of Need, Program Description, Goals & Objectives, Activities or Services, Project Design, Budget and Budget Narrative,


Stragetic Planning - Timeline, Evaluation Plan, Organizational Capacity, Program Sustainability Plan and other areas needed to complete the Project Narrative.  You will be involved in every step of the grant proposal writing process to ensure that it is customized to address the needs of your program and captures the mere essence of what your program is about.


Grant Proposal Writing Workshops/Training - We offer one-day and two-day grant proposal workshops or trainings to small and large groups. Prior to facilitating a workshop or training, we engage in a telephone-based or face-to-face discussion with you to identify your grant proposal writing needs for the aforementioned. This information is then utilized to form the content of the workshop or training. We conduct basic, intermediate and advanced workshops or trainings. One on one mentoring is also available upon request.

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