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"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do."



Grants Etcetera, Inc. is a consulting firm that deals with non-profit incorporation, organizational development, grant research, grant proposal editing, grant proposal writing, grant proposal writing workshops & training and consultancy in other grant proposal writing related areas.  Just like any business entity or organization, it takes thoughtful planning and the proper resources to launch a non-profit with 501c3 status.  There are a multitude of documents that need to be prepared and filed properly in order to achieve 501c3 tax exempt status. We offer convenient packages and for your non-profit organization needs in addition to other affordable, customized solutions.

Meet Our CEO 

Kiethen Mathis

As CEO of Grants Etc!, Kiethen Mathis is a hands-on leader in his profession with over 20 years of expertise in business development, grant writing, non=profit coaching, marketing research and funding strategies. Through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, he built a strong network and foundation for his successful company.

Over the years, K. Mathis has diversified his services to a wide range of for-profit and non-profit funding services. As a notable leader in his field and self-sufficient innovator, K. Mathis is comfortable in any role from speaking in the executive boardroom to the one-on-one training with owners of small businesses and organizations. He is a adroit researcher known for strong business development and relationship building skills.


K. Mathis also has an uncanny and innate ability to build high-performance teams. This includes his very own strategically-selected executive management staff, which has served as a growth catalyst for many organizations. K. Mathis is a dedicated community servant and award winning professional in the ever-growing non-profit world.


      Master of Social Work-Clinical Track, Florida State University, 1991

      Bachelor of Science-Criminology, Florida State University, 1985

Professional Work Experience

      Associate Teaching Professor, Florida State University’s College of Social Work 

      President/Lead Consultant, Grants Etcetera, Inc.

      Anger Management, Life Skills & Parenting Instructor, ASE, Inc., Leon County Jail, Florida

Nonprofit Capacity Building

     Since 1997, Mr. Mathis has assisted over 40 individuals with forming nonprofit organizations,

     wrote around 30 grant proposals and conducted over 25 grant proposal workshops.  In addition,

     he has developed several grant search reports and edited grant proposals for others.

Current Professional & Community Affiliations

      Committee Member, City of Tallahassee Family Engagement and Empowerment Task Force

      Board Member, Center for Health Equity, Gadsden County, Florida 

      Board Member, Gadsden County Leadership and Law Academy

      Board Member, Northwest Florida Black Business Investment Corp.

      Board Member, Leon County Schools, 21st Century Learning Community      

      Co-Vice President, Men of Action, South Capitol Church of God


Why Professional Grant Writers are so Important

FACT: In 2010, nearly 980,000 public charities were registered with the IRS, a 42% increase over the decade. More than 366,000 of them reported $25,000 or more in gross receipts. All of these organizations are competing for public and private funding, including grants, to help them meet their missions.

FACT: "Key Facts on U.S. Foundations" by the Foundation Center states that $54.7 billion was donated to nonprofits by over 86,000 private, corporate and community foundations in 2013. This is an increase of more than 80% over the past decade.

FACT: And while government funding to nonprofits has been slowly declining, the "National Survey on Nonprofit-Government Contracts and Grants" by the Urban Institute states that U.S. nonprofits received $137 billion from local, state and federal governments in 2012.

The vast majority of these awards were the result of well planned, well written and well packaged grant proposals. Ones that matched the mission of the organization to the focus of the funder. Ones that portrayed a compelling needs statement, demonstrated the expertise of the nonprofit in meeting those needs, and included a strong evaluation plan. Renewed awards incorporated meticulous grants management plans and strong reporting mechanisms.

Grant writing is a skilled craft - One that anyone can learn, but one that requires much more than just being able to write well. Strong grant writers, no matter their job title or position, have developed and continually polish a set of skills that help them position their organization for success, including:

Grant Readiness
Familiarity with Organization/Mission
Identifying, Researching & Prioritizing Opportunities
Building Relationship with Funders
Internal & External Collaboration and Planning
Strong Writing & Organizational Skills
Ability to Address Sustainability
Budget Creation & Planning
Evaluation Planning & Analysis
Compiling Outcomes & Financial Reporting
Ability to Track & Meet Deadlines

Preparing grants takes time and expertise - Often grant guidelines can be confusing and complex; applying for a grant requires a serious time commitment to fully understand the requirements, as well as the organization's ability to carry out the grant-funded activities. Government grants are especially time-consuming, and a small oversight in the proposal can result in an application being disqualified from consideration. Often, the time spent researching and pulling together the information for the grant takes up more time than the actual writing of the proposal.

Most grants are very competitive - Having experienced grant writers who can identify the most appropriate opportunities and oversee the creation of strong proposals will increase an organization's chances of successfully being awarded a grant. Even so, many well-designed proposals are still not funded, and requests that are successful one year may be rejected the next. This is where relationship-building with funders can make a big difference.

With foundations becoming more sophisticated in their giving, grant writers needs to be recognized and treated as specialized and skilled development professionals - The nonprofit community needs to understand the important role educated and ethical grant professionals play in the overall health of their organizations.

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